11 Last-Minute-No-Prep Lesson Ideas for Heritage Speakers Class

Sometimes even the most organized teachers among us, have found themselves in a moment of panic when the bell is about to ring and they don’t have a plan.
Or they had a plan… and it all came crashing down when it did not go according to how they envisioned it. Or… they ordered copies that never arrived so now they’re scrambling.
If you are reading this, you are in need of a fun lesson for class that is no prep and easy to execute for heritage Spanish class. Since you are short on time… I’ll cut to the chase and get straight into the list that is so no prep, you don’t even need to print anything for students.

1. Timed Free-Write

Give them a writing prompt, and have them do a timed free-write

2. Group Trivia

Put students in groups and have them compete against other groups to answer these questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anl2SB7tgIg

Group Trivia


3. Celebrity Reads a Story

Show this story video read by Jaime Camil https://www.storylineonline.net/books/los-zombis-no-comen-verduras/

Celebrity Reads a Story


You can extend this lesson by asking students to write a sequel to the story with a partner.

4. Accent Game

Play this accent game


Accent Game


5. Stream an Episode

Stream the Episode titled “Acid” from Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix. Students learn about food in Mexico and you can put the audio and subtitles in Spanish. Since you don’t have any questions to go with this episode… task students with creating a ten question quiz for this episode as they watch. 

Stream an Episode

6. Current Event Article

Assign students the task of researching a current event article. Ask them to write these question words on their paper ¿Qué? ¿Cuándo? ¿Dónde? ¿Quién? ¿Por qué? They should investigate the article by answering those questions about the event.

7. Radio Ambulante

Throw on an episode of Radio Ambulante. Ask students to write down any new words they want to look up later as they listen. I’ve used this episode before called Las hermanas. It’s about two sisters- one who stayed in Mexico and one who went to the United States.

Radio Ambulante

8. Let Students be the Teachers

Ask them to be the teachers! Start by showing this video.

Let Students be the Teachers

Then divide the class intro four. Assign each group a category they need to research and create a poster about so they can teach it to the class. 

– palabras agudas

– palabras llanas

– palabras esdrújulas

– palabras Sobreesdrújulas

9. Create a Comic

You can assign a specific topic and word count for a comic they must create. This can be on paper or they can do it digitally as well. 

Create a Comic

10. Spanish-speaking Youtube

Have students find a Spanish speaking Youtuber. They should watch one of their videos and write a brief summary about it. 

11. Write a Script for a Short Film

Stream the short “Self” on Disney Plus. The video doesn’t have any language, so students will need to develop a written script to accompany the short film. This can be done in groups or individually. 

I hope these ideas come to the rescue when you are in a pinch! Keep on carrying on, my friends! You are doing a great job.

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