How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Heritage Spanish Class

Forget chocolates and roses! This Valentine’s Day, help your heritage students discover the magic of self-love. Ditching the traditional focus on romantic relationships, students craft heartfelt messages to themselves. This isn’t just about mushy words – it’s about planting the seeds for healthier future relationships by equipping them with self-advocacy tools in the present. At the very least, this unit is a mirror to their identity, reminds them of their inherent worth and empowers them to embrace self-love.

I truly enjoy exploring social-emotional issues in heritage Spanish class because it offers a two-in-one experience. Not only do we get to practice reading and writing in Spanish, but we also learn how to lead happier and healthier lives as individuals. Pop psych topics in the world today, such as self-love and happiness, are prevalent in the Ascendencia curriculum because we take a whole-child approach. 

That is to say, that we don’t just focus on academic development of the mind alone; we also aim to develop students’ social emotional skills, and solidify their self-worth so that they learn coping skills for a bright future and view themselves as worth the effort of improving their mental health.

Self-love Journal Prompts

self love journal prompt in spanish

In the Ascendencia Year One curriculum, self-love is incorporated all throughout the year with weekly self-love journal prompts, challenging the “once-a-year” narrative perpetuated by a national day of love (Valentines day). The curriculum seeks to normalize self-compassion in general, and teaches it as a necessary add to their daily routines. 

Each prompt offers a positive affirmation, followed by deeper reflection in weekly journals. This ongoing conversation with themselves helps students untangle the complexities of adolescence, build unshakeable self-worth, and develop essential coping skills. 

This seemingly simple act of journaling, often seen as taboo for males, unlocks a treasure trove of benefits for all students: clearer thinking, self-awareness, and resilience. Equip your students to face the turbulent sea of teenage emotions. With so much data and media swirling around them constantly from all angles, students need this life-raft of tech-free self-care. 

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Self-Love Worksheets

In the Ascendencia Year Three curriculum, students work on a self-love worksheet packet. Before we dive into the worksheets, the teacher sparks conversations with students using this Pear Deck. You can use it as a simple slideshow or have students respond digitally with the Pear Deck add-on.

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After the slideshow presentation, students complete worksheets about self-love in which they take an assessment of how they are doing in the various areas of taking care of themselves. The worksheets guide them through Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs and prompts them to complete sentences that highlight their strengths and positive self-care practices. For example: “I am good at _____________,” and  “To care for myself, I put limits on ________________.”

Juego de mesa: Día de San Valentín

If you are simply looking for a Valentine’s Day activity that’s all about speaking practice, not self-reflection, then this conversation game resource is a homerun.

Partner up your students and grab some heart-shaped goodies (candy, erasers, chocolates – your choice!) as game pieces. It’s a sweet and simple way to get them chatting and boosting their language skills with a structured activity of rock, paper, scissors (pssst…this resource is a member bonus available in any of the Ascendencia curriculums.)

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