Linaje Year One Unit 1: Introducción Lesson Three “Alphabet according to products and practices of Latin America”

Teaching Objective: Students will be able to familiarize themselves with the Spanish alphabet and reflect on the cultural significance of each letter in Latin American culture.

Inquiry Question: What are some important cultural products and practices of Latin America (Food, Animals, Clothing, Plants, etc.?)


  • Alphabet Slideshow with all the letters of the Spanish alphabet and cultural elements associated with each letter.
  • Mis apuntes del alfabeto- booklet with spaces for students to complete with culturally relevant words.


  • Colored pencils, markers, or crayons
  • Stapler


  • Pull up the slideshow with images and information representing cultural elements associated with each letter of the Spanish alphabet (or upload to your Learning Management System).
  • Print enough booklets with the Spanish alphabet for each student. Each student will need 6 pages in order to assemble their notes booklet.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Introduction (5 minutes):
  • Welcome students and introduce the topic of the Spanish alphabet.
  • Present the inquiry question and ask students to reflect on the cultural products and practices of Latin America. See if they can work with a partner to come up with a guess for an element that will be mentioned in the class notes for the day. Give them the hint of: Food, Animals, Clothing, Plants, Dance…
  1. Booklet Assembly (15-20 min)
  • Pass out the papers for the booklet to each student. Explain that some letters are not included as there are not many words that begin with (K,Q, W, & Z). 
  • Each student should assemble their booklet by folding each page and stapling it so the alphabet letters are in order. They can color the letters in the booklet.
  1. Main Activity: Completing the Alphabet Booklet (35 minutes):
  • Each student should complete the booklet using the information provided in the slideshow.
  • You can present the slideshow and have students take notes or you can upload the slideshow to your Learning Management System and have students work independently. 
  • Let students know that there will be a multiple choice assessment tomorrow about the information in these notes (it will be an open-notes test… you may wish to withhold that information until tomorrow though).
  • Allow students time to work on completing their alphabet booklets.
  • Circulate around the classroom to provide assistance and guidance as needed.
  1. Closing Activity: Reflection and Sharing (5 minutes):
  • Facilitate a class discussion about students’ experiences completing the activity.
  • Encourage a final reflection round on how many of the chosen words are related to their Hispanic heritage and if anyone guessed one correctly at the beginning of class.
  • Conclude the class by highlighting the importance of valuing and celebrating our cultural similarities and differences as we connect with each other.

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