Linaje Year One Unit 1: Introducción Lesson One “Getting to Know Eachother with Hexagons”

Teaching Objective:  Foster reflection and understanding of students’ cultural preferences and connections. Promote comprehension and appreciation of cultural differences among class members.

Inquiry Question: How do our cultural preferences and connections contribute to our identity and community?


  • Worksheets with hexagons divided into six sections.
  • Colored pencils.


  • Print enough paper sheets with hexagons and colored pencils for all students.
  • Arrange the classroom space to facilitate exchange activities between pairs during the main activity. 

Lesson Plan:

1. Introduction (5 minutes):

  • Greet the students and introduce the learning objective.
  • Briefly explain the importance of knowing and sharing our cultural preferences and connections.

2. Introductory Activity: Creating the Hexagon (15 minutes):

  • Hand out a sheet with the hexagon and colored pencils to each student.
  • Instruct students to complete each section of the hexagon with drawings or words representing their preferences.

3. Main Activity: “What We Share” (25 minutes):

  • Organize students according to the number of participants.
  • If there are fewer than 12 students, divide them into 6 groups and instruct them to rotate for interviews and note-taking. In pairs, students interview each other using questions such as “What things do we share?” and “What things did you not know about me that caught your attention?” 

4. Closing Activity: Reflection and Sharing (10 minutes):

  • Gather the students and ask who wants to share the connections they discovered.

Optional Challenge: As an additional activity, challenge the class to create a line connecting all the hexagons based on shared cultural preferences or connections. This exercise can further emphasize the interconnectedness of the class and the diversity within it. The objective is to create a line or chain with all the hexagons, showcasing the interwoven nature of cultural connections among classmates.


  • Encourage reflection on how these connections strengthen identity and community.
  • Conclude the class by emphasizing the importance of valuing and celebrating our cultural similarities and differences while connecting with each other.
  • If time allows, the class can finish by creating a mural with all the hexagons.

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