Linaje Year One Unit 1: Introducción Lesson Four “Personal Alphabet Autobiography”

Teaching Objective: Students will demonstrate their understanding of the Spanish alphabet and cultural significance by completing a multiple-choice assessment and creating a personal alphabet autobiography.

Inquiry Question: How can single words be used to tell one’s personal story?


  • Completed alphabet notes booklets from Lesson 3
  • Multiple-choice assessment
  • Multiple-choice assessment answer key
  • Personal Alphabet autobiographies worksheets


  • Print the multiple-choice assessment worksheets 
  • Print the personal alphabet worksheets

Lesson Plan:

  1. Review and Preparation for Assessment (5 minutes):
  • Briefly review the concepts covered in the slideshow and clarify any questions students may have.
  • Allow students to take out their notes booklets from yesterday to use on the assessment.
  • Explain the format of the multiple-choice assessment and distribute the assessment sheets to each student.
  1. Multiple-Choice Assessment (20 minutes):
  • Allow students time to complete the multiple-choice assessment, they can use the booklet
  1. Instructions, Example & Work Time (25 minutes):
  • Distribute the worksheets with the alphabet to each student and explain that they will need to complete each letter with a word representing an important aspect of their life (some letters have been omitted).
  • Provide an example using your own alphabet autobiography to demonstrate how to complete the activity.
  1. Sharing and Reflection (5 minutes):
  • Invite students to share their personal alphabet autobiographies with a partner.
  • Each student should explain why they chose each word and how it relates to their personal story.
  1. Conclusion (5 minutes):
  • Facilitate a final class discussion on the importance of language and culture in personal identity.
  • Encourage students to reflect on how their personal alphabet autobiographies represent their unique experiences and perspectives.

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