Linaje Year One: Unit 1 Introducción Lesson Five “Communication through Drawing”

Teaching Objective:  Students will communicate in the target language with their peers by participating in a progressively challenging drawing game.

Inquiry Question: How can we effectively communicate and work together to achieve a common goal?


  • Large paper or cardboard, or a whiteboard divided into 4 quadrants (one for each round)
  • Screen to display images
  • A Dibujar Slideshow
  • Pencils, pens, or markers


  • Set up the screen/computer to display images during the game. 
  • Open the file with the images that will be used in each round (house, mandala, Escher’s Tessellations), making sure that students do not have access to these images before the game to maintain the surprise. }
  • Organize the pencils, pens, or markers in each group for the students to use during the game.

Class Plan:

  1. Introduction (5 minutes):
  • Welcome the students and explain the purpose of the drawing game.
  • Divide the students into groups of 3–4 people and explain the rules of the game (see below).

Note: Students should speak in the target language

  1. Drawing Rounds (15–30 minutes):
  • Start with the first round, displaying the image of a simple house.
  • Explain that one student will be the drawer and the others will be the describers of the image.
  • The describers must explain the image in detail to the drawer, while the drawer must try to draw what they hear without seeing the image (they can sit or stand with their back to the projected image to avoid cheating)
  • After each round, allow students to see both the original image and the drawings made by their classmates. Award points or a prize to the team that got the closest to the original image.
  • Continue with the following rounds, gradually increasing the difficulty with more complex images.
  • Depending on the number of students, different rounds can be conducted (Use different images to always have different results)
  1. Discussion and Reflection (10 minutes):
  • After completing all the rounds, facilitate a class discussion about the students’ experience.
  • Ask them how they felt trying to communicate and work together under pressure.
  • Encourage students to share funny or challenging anecdotes that arose during the game.
  • Discuss the importance of effective communication and teamwork in every day and academic situations.

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