Favorite Youtube Channels for Heritage Spanish Class

In such a media driven age, YouTube videos have worked their way into educational settings. Content creators make videos on everything under the sun, and to varying levels of skill and verifiable content. Channels create content for a variety of reasons, and it can be helpful to have some vetted and recommended options.

Youtube videos can be a great resource to enrich a heritage Spanish class. Short videos can intro a lesson, spark spirited discussion, or provide comic relief for a much needed brain break. Or, as is my favorite case: deliver comprehensible input from native speakers. 

Full disclosure: the following list of content worked for my class in my teaching scenario. As a general rule, I always like to encourage media accountability for all educators. So, please be sure to preview videos before showing them to your clas, to ensure that there isn’t too much colorful language or that the content works for the teaching scenario you find yourself in. 

Pero Like

This is a mostly-English channel with some Spanish sprinkled in. I love using their content as I feel they nail the dual-cultural experience that heritage speakers live. 

These videos are short and can be a great way to spark class discussion. I love this video that highlights the struggles of not feeling Latino enough. 

Another one we do is this Spanish test video. I have students fill out a worksheet (link below) as we watch the video to take the test with them.

Free Download:
Examen de Español con Pero Like

Luisito Comunica

Luisito is a very well established Youtuber with over 42 million subscribers. According to his bio he has el canal más chido del Youtube. 

I love this channel because it’s all in Spanish and the way he speaks is easy for my students to understand. His videos are about interesting experiences around the world. 


This channel focuses on Latino issues and has some fun brain break videos you can show – but a lot of their videos aren’t school appropriate so make sure you thoroughly vet the content you select. 

The content is usually in English, but I still found it to be useful for highlighting a host of topics my heritage Spanish students could relate. This video for example is a video of two people trying snacks and trying to figure out if it is the USA version or the Mexican version. 

Honestly, this would be a fun activity to do in class after watching it this video! The showcased snacks aren’t too expensive, so you could buy a bunch and have your students sample them along with the video. 


Flama is another channel focused on current Latino issues. The content is in English, and they feature fun, interesting videos like taste tests that can be brain breaks. Many of their videos are not school appropriate so make sure you preview them prior to using them.

Noticias Telemundo

This is another great channel for authentic input about current events. Delivered fully in Spanish, I really enjoyed exposing my class to their content

Honorable mentions

Here are some other channels you might find to be interesting.

Jenny Lorenzo for comedy

De mi rancho a tu cocina for authentic recipes

SuperHolly for chisme 

Profe Loco for comprehensible stories

Dreaming Spanish for comprehensible input (this channel is for great for emerging bilinguals or L2 learners)

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Favorite Youtube Channels for Heritage Spanish Class